Debut: Couture by Sophie’s New Fragrance You Share with your Dog!


We are so excited to announce our first fragrance! We wanted to create something both dog moms and pups could share, that would have a beautiful scent and be healing, too. After much research and testing of various formulations, we’ve chosen something we love, and hope you do, too!

With notes of rose, lavender, geranium and orange, blended perfectly with frankincense and spikenard, the result is delicate, elegant and soothing to the senses. A luxurious coconut oil base is the perfect way to deliver nourishing, moisturing goodness to you and your dog’s skin. Each essential oil has its specific healing properties. Here’s an info graphic we created that divulges all! 🙂

Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Fragrance-Infographic-final-570x1024 copy



To apply, place a small amount on your fingertips and gently massage into your dog’s ear tips to calm and rejuvenate. For you, place a dab behind your ears, on the wrist or anywhere else you like to wear your fragrances. Perfect for a night on the town or anywhere.

We’ve created two sizes for convenience: our 55 ml blown glass bottle for $48.00, and a 9 ml travel size, at $18.00. Try one and feel pampered!

Limited edition, so order while in stock.

2 thoughts on “Debut: Couture by Sophie’s New Fragrance You Share with your Dog!

  1. Shawna says:

    This fragrance is amazing and wonderful! I have it and it’s a delightful! Your pampered pooch will not only strut taller you’ll enjoy him/her more too!

    1. Jody Miller says:

      Love that you love it, Shawna! Thank you and thanks for commenting!

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