A Bunny, A Pig & a Bottle of Love

Could the Couture by Sophie fragrance be the new Love Potion #9?  After hearing this story, I’m beginning to wonder…


Shawna-Herbert and Rudy


Shawna Schuh,  leader of a great organization called Women in the Pet Industry Network (WIPIN, for short), has a farm just outside of Portland, Oregon which she shares with a gaggle of animals. Her horse, dogs, bunny, goats, piglet and more create daily adventures she’s always relaying.

A fan of the Couture by Sophie fragrance, an essential oil formulation that you share with your dog, Shawna decided to experiment with it on some of her other pets.

“This wonderful new fragrance, Couture by Sophie, is so yummy-smelling, it was simply too much to ask not to use it on my little mini pig, Herbert,” Shawna enthused. (ok, just how adorable is a mini pig named Herbert…)

“Pigs have no fur, just short little coarse hairs and very dry skin, so the coconut oil base was really nice for him, too. I rubbed Couture by Sophie all over Herbert the Hogster’s little neck, back, head and behind his ears. He smelled fabulous and he seemed very happy. Plus, he acted even more dapper.”  🙂

But something totally unexpected happened a bit later that day. “I was in the kitchen and looked down and nearly went into shock!  My big, fluffy English Lop House Rabbit, Rudy, was doing something he’s never done. Rudy was loving on Herbert! That rabbit was licking and fawning all over that piggy, and Herbert was in a state of pure joy!”

Shawna was so taken with Rudy’s reaction, she’s been spritzing all her animals with the scent, envisioning a farm-wide love in!  As she describes it,  “A full family of four-legged creatures are all smelling pretty in rural Western Oregon.”

Do I hear chaperone, anyone? This could take the designer pet concept to a whole other level!

See what love you can create with your own Couture by Sophie fragrance. Try it here.

For more info on Women in the Pet Industry Network. 

2 thoughts on “A Bunny, A Pig & a Bottle of Love

  1. Shawna Schuh says:

    So happy to see my two babies in this blog!
    Everyone here at Women in the Pet Industry’s World Headquarters smell terrific and love each other!
    Thank you Jody with Couture by Sophie for creating this wonderful scent!
    Let the loving commence!

    1. Jody Miller says:

      I feel an Amen! coming on, Shawna! So happy the fur kids are loving on each other and smelling great! And thank you for spreading the gospel! 🙂

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